Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

Will I see my dog during the board and train?

  • Yes, we offer a midway lesson for you to see your dog training in action. We usually go for a walk with the dog and get you hands on practice using the tools. 


Is there a payment plan? 

  • Yes, we offer a payment plan that spans 6-8 months, meaning after the deposit is paid you receive a monthly invoice via email that pays towards the balance. All invoices must be paid in full by the end of the board and train unless discussed otherwise. 


Do you have a puppy program?

  • No, we offer our one program that is designed for all ages. 


What is the timeline to get started with you?

  • Our clients get homework the day they sign up so that owners can get started training right away. During the evaluation call we will discuss management options for problematic behaviors but also get you working with our system using your dogs everyday meals right away.


When can we start in person lessons?

  • Usually with our schedule clients start within the month or the following month with an in home lesson or zoom call. When then meet monthly in person until the board and train date. 


Overall how long does it take to train a dog?

  • Our simple answer to this is you are always training so there is no timeline. But our program specifically takes 3-6 months for both the dog and the owner to master advanced obedience skills both on and off leash. 


Do you train dogs that are aggressive? 

  • At this time we are not taking on dogs showing aggressive behaviors. We have a network of awesome trainers in the area that we can recommend to you! 


Where will my dog sleep when she is with you?

  • We have a spare bedroom in our home that we keep training dogs in crate overnight. 


How much interaction will my dog get daily? 

  • We run a strict schedule on a day to day basis. Dogs in the board and train are living with us so they are getting anywhere from 6-8 hours of our undivided attention. We usually do two 1 on 1 sessions with each dog and some form of exercise, public work, or enrichment daily to meet each dogs specific needs. 


Will I always have to use the Ecollar?

  • Yes if you want to optimally communicate with your dog we advise always keeping the Ecollar a relevant tool in your toolbox together. 


What is the best age to start training?

  • We can start with owners who just brought home their new puppy. It is important to remember we are just as much here to coach owners to be successful with their dog as we are here to train the dog. 
  • We start the board and train portion at around six months old when the brain has had time to develop. 
  • There is no age that is too old to start our training program but a vet health check is always recommended for dogs over the age of 8 years old.