Balanced Family Dog Training

A common label dog’s have is “Man’s Best Friend.”  But sometimes  “best friends” can drive us NUTS!


Does your best friend try to bark and pull towards anyone and everyone?  When you open the door after a long day of work, does your best friend choose to knock you down and demand your attention? Does your best friend not acknowledge a single word you say and it’s all about what they want and when they want it?


Does not sound like a great best friend if you ask us…


If you want a bond and relationship that is built on positivity, trust, and respect - We are here to help.

We believe in creating a balanced relationship between owner and dog. The methods that we use revolve around balance and consistency.  The success is shown through the work that we (owners and trainer together) put in.  We specialize in, off-leash remote collar training, which gives your dog a freedom most will never experience, but it all begins with treats and leash. We then use these tools as building blocks and aids to our success. We are a positive first company meaning before we train with the remote collar we solidify all commands with positivity first. Giving owners a communication system that both you and your dog understand with a tool to back it all up. 


We are always committed to going, the owner and the dogs, pace. That is why we offer unlimited support and do not put time restraints on, individual lessons, amount of follow up and assistance, nor increase the cost of a board and train for extra needed time.


By joining the LED pack you and your dog become apart of our family for life. We offer unlimited follow up lessons and support, we hope to offer many client only events in the future and continued learning on top of our already established client only structured boarding and day training services in our home.  


Our main goal is,

 We want to teach the dog what to do, what not to do, and teach the dog how to determine when to do which on their own.

We share continued learning videos in our Client Only Facebook Group!

In our training we address..

On-Leash Skills; Basic obedience commands (Sit, Down, Here, Bed, etc.) and how they can help in everyday life. How to properly walk nicely on the leash and use the leash as a communication tool when your dog may become distracted and not listening to what you are saying.


Off-Leash Skills; Remote collar training gives us the ability to create a very reliable “Here” Command.  


With remote collar training we can UNLEASH your dog's potential, making off-leash freedom a reality and privilege to our dog. Remote collar training gives us the ability to create a very reliable “Here” Command and in some cases can save a dogs life. 


Better Manners; We teach our dogs how to coexist in a more “mannerly” way. Like teaching the dog not to counter-surf, beg, jump, or nip


Overall Behavior; If a dog is suffering from anxiety or aggression we take a back door approach by learning to be efficient with the fundamental skills before addressing problematic behaviors setting up the owner and dog for long term success.