Before I met Tom, I was really worried that Murphy's behavior could have posed a serious risk to her safety and the safety of others. She was started in other programs that taught “all-positive” approach which was great at teaching her tricks for rewards. 

While I do respect incorporating positive training, I quickly discovered that it was not addressing the core of her problems. I signed Murphy up with the board and train program. I was very happy that Murphy was going to live with Tom and Kay for the board and training instead of a kennel. I made me feel safer leaving her with them because she was going to have 24/ 7 care and attention.


Tom and Kay developed a wonderful training program to meet Murphy’s and my personal needs. The tools and communication methods used in the training provided a realistic view to dog training. Tom’s methods balanced out Murphy’s needs and provided resources to expand my knowledge with training. I am completely at awe by Murphy’s transformation. I understand that training is a continuous process but the tools and resources Tom provided will help shape her into the best dog she can be. I especially like that after the board and train was over Tom continues to be there for Murphy and me. Murphy now portrays secure, confident, happy and calm through behavior modification. Training is now fun for me and Murphy.

Tom likely the reason our dog, Dutch, is such a rockstar and a great fit for our family. With 3 little boys, one with special needs, it was so important for us to have an extremely well behaved dog who would fit in to our circus perfectly. With Tom’s help, our aligator Dutch is not only happy and confident but the greatest addition to our family and we are always receiving compliments on his behavior. The attention to customer service is really wonderful, on the rare occasions when I’ve needed help with Dutch or our family has had an emergency Tom is always beyond accommodating and responsive to our call. When one of us was hospitalized, Tom took Dutch so we wouldn’t have to worry about his care. Our dog, our boys and my husband and I are so grateful to Tom and Kay for the relationship they have helped us build with our dog and for their expertise. They love animals and treat Dutch as their own.

We trust Tom and Kay completely with our wonderful dog.