Canine Nutrition

My passion for canine nutrition runs deep. When I got my very own dog I wanted to do my absolute best in caring for her. She experienced severe skin issues early on, chewing literal holes into her skin. We were only given options that entailed life long medication. With her being so young I knew there had to be better options so the research began. I devoured as many courses, books, articles, and personal experiences as I could. I now have an arsenal of knowledge that helped me heal her from the inside out, and I want to share that with as many owners as I can to empower them to take their dogs nutrition into their own hands. 


My goal is to help owners understand how to help their dog without having to go to the extent of a prescription. I specifically like to focus on preventative recipes that include herbs and whole food as much as possible. Biohacking the dogs biology to help your dog thrive not just survive. 


My consults are done weekly via email. After filling in the form with as much detail as possible I will review the information and report back via email a PDF document of any suggests I think will be helpful. This could be a complete diet switch to raw feeding, supplementation to a dry food diet or a combination of the two. The cost is $50 which includes two follow up emails for any questions. 


I also have an Ebook for someone that wants to know what things they can add to a diet or help holistically care for their dogs minor alignments for things like itchy paws, periodic loose stools, and seasonal allergies. You can find that in the SHOP tab of our website. 


If you would like to schedule a consult please see the sign up form below. 

Wondering what your options are?

Supplementing Kibble

We are big fans of supplementing dry food, kibble, with whole fresh foods that are biologically appropriate but also pack a nutritional punch! 


If you are interested in how you can up level your dogs bowl of kibble indicate that on the form! 

Raw feeding

We have been feeding our personal dogs raw for 5 years now and have found ways to make it affordable and feasible with our busy lives. 


If this is something you are interested in please indicate that within the form.

Aiding issues

Holistically healing alignments. Does your dog continually get any of the following : 


Hot spots

Ear infections 

Itchy paws 

Seasonal allergies 

Bad Breath 

Brittle Nails or Poor coat 


Fresh food supplementing can help aid all these kinds of everyday aliments that a lot of dogs experience. Adding fresh food to their dry food meals is one way to be proactive and help your dog feel and look better!