Canine Nutrition

Canine Nutrition Consultation

Driven by an unwavering commitment to canine nutrition, my journey began when I got my first dog, who unfortunately suffered from acute skin conditions. Presented only with medication-based solutions, I was convinced that a more natural and holistic approach was available, especially considering her young age. This led me to extensively research and engage with numerous courses, books, articles, and testimonials. Through this, I have gained valuable insights that not only enabled me to alleviate my dog's health issues from within but also equipped me to assist other pet owners.



My primary aim is to enlighten pet owners on optimizing their dogs' nutrition without defaulting to prescription medications. I emphasize preventive strategies, championing the use of herbs and whole foods. It's about enhancing your dog's vitality and wellness, not merely addressing symptoms.


Consultation Overview:


Method: Consultations are conducted weekly via email.

Procedure: Clients are required to complete a detailed form, which I will subsequently review. A comprehensive PDF report, offering potential recommendations from dietary modifications like transitioning to raw feeding or supplementing a dry food regimen, will be sent to you.


Fee: The consultation is $50 and includes two subsequent follow-up emails for any clarifications or questions.


Additional Resource:

For those interested in broadening their understanding of canine nutrition or seeking holistic remedies for common ailments like itchy paws, occasional digestive upsets, or seasonal allergies, I offer an Ebook. This resource is available under the SHOP tab on our website.

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Holistically Addressing Common Ailments

Is your dog frequently affected by any of the following conditions?


Hot spots

Ear infections

Itchy paws

Seasonal allergies

Bad breath

Brittle nails or a lackluster coat


These are everyday ailments that many dogs experience. Incorporating fresh food supplements into their meals can make a significant difference in alleviating these conditions. By adding fresh ingredients to their dry food regimen, you're not only nourishing them with essential nutrients but also being proactive in bolstering their overall health and wellness. This can lead to noticeable improvements, helping your dog both feel and appear healthier.


Note: While I strive to assist with common ailments, please be advised that I do not provide consultations for serious health issues, including diseases or cancer. For such concerns, it is imperative to consult a veterinary specialist.