We offer two very intimate programs to help you achieve the perfect family companion. We believe every dog deserves training that is why our program will not only make a good dog better but also make you a better dog owner! We work with all dog breeds, sizes, and ages as well as including the whole family in our training. We are currently offering two programs at our homestead in Sandusky Ohio, read more about them below. 

Board and Train

Our hybrid program is designed to provide long-term results and includes private lessons and a four-week board and train stay. The program emphasizes repetition and focuses on educating both owners and dogs, teaching clear communication through a marker system. Our program covers both on-leash and off-leash skills, with an emphasis on developing a respectful, calm, and courteous mindset in dogs. To develop proper social skills, dogs in the program live as a pack with other well-balanced dogs and are socialized in various environments to ensure that they can be taken everywhere. The program provides a comfortable learning experience, with dogs receiving one-on-one attention and sleeping in the trainer's home for added comfort.

One on One Lessons

Our 8-lesson private program is specifically designed for motivated dog owners who are eager to train their dogs with the guidance of a professional dog trainer. We will meet weekly to work through our comprehensive program while providing you with the necessary tools and knowledge to practice at home. Our program is tailored to meet your specific goals and address any behavior challenges your dog may have. Let us help you and your dog reach your full potential!!