The Board and Train

We pride ourselves in creating a learning experience from the comfort of our home for both the owner and the dog. We are not a typical kennel setup, we only take 3 dogs to train in our home as apart of our family. 


It is important that owners are open to changing daily life habits because for the best results the training must be applied to daily life. We provide multiple forms of learning as well as daily updates and videos so that you are learning right along with your dog! 


This program is customized to every dog and their needs, this is why we do not believe in a 2 week or 4 week program. This program ranges from 4-8 weeks, because we go the dogs pace and ensure they are enjoying the learning process. This is also a benefit because we are able to create habits for the dog so that when they do come home they have a learning curve while you get the hang of applying the training! 


We teach off leash and on leash skills ensuring the dog has mastered the understanding of both so that you can take them practically anywhere with ease. 


We believe in changing the overall mindset of the dog to be respectful, calm, and courteous. It is in our best interest to do this well because it will show in the dogs overall behavior and they are living with us for a short time so we set our expectations high. 


Every dog who goes through the board and train will gain great social skills. They live with our pack of 3 well balanced, socialized, and properly communicative dogs. Throughout the training process we introduce them to different environments where they are expected to act mannerly and we advocate for their safety at all times. 


And most importantly we teach every board and train client (dog and owner) a clear and decisive communication system. This system is easy to understand and will deepen your relationship with your dog as you are able to understand each other on another level than before. 

  • 4-8 week in home training
  • In Person or Video Evaluation prior to booking is required 
  • Customized to each dog and your specific training goals
  • Owner learning and participation is required 
  • Training Tools are included in price 
  • $350 is due at booking 
  • Total cost is $2,350 plus tax 
  • Payment plans are available 

We offer a midway lesson, in owners home take home lesson, and a monthly free follow up lesson, which is dependent on owners dedication and application of the training system. 


We provide unlimited lifetime support and access to our online classroom for review and bi-weekly group class to ask questions that may come up. 


Your dog will be welcomed back for life, for boarding, grooming, or any tune up needs at a discounted rate. 


Coming soon!! 

In the future we will offer a Social Saturday, where you and your dog are welcomed at our home to continue education and hang out with other dog lovers and their well balanced dogs! 



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The Board and Train program, your dog will stay with our family and pack for the amount of time that is needed to create the most success with your dog. Your dog will live with us as a family pet, and not be put into a stressful facility with dozens of dogs. All of our training happens either in our home or in real life situations. 


During your dogs stay with us they will be treated as if he or she is one of our own. Your dog will receive several training sessions throughout the day as well as plenty of structured play time with other well balanced and previously trained Lake Erie Dogs. We also take our board and trains into real life situations which include; multiple off-leash hikes, walks, and different environmental exposure trips into public throughout their stay.  


Owners will have training material to review during the process so they know the entire teaching process and what their expectations are when the dog comes home. We send daily updates, photos, and videos because we would miss our dogs too! 


During and after the program, we will then meet with you, the owner, for multiple sessions, to show you how to not only maintain what was learned, but to actually continue the process.  


All of our board and trains (if applicable) are trained to have off leash freedom with the remote collar. This is why we take our time and go the dogs pace with learning. We do not put unnecessary pressure on dogs to meet a deadline nor do we charge more for dogs that may take longer to learn our system. We believe in going the dogs pace and making sure they enjoy the process, which creates the best results in the end! Check out our testimonials to see how owners feel about our results.