One on One in your home Dog Training

This program is for someone who is coachable,

will follow direction, and most importantly put in the work.


 Having self accountability and the time to

put in the repetition is a requirement.


  • 6-10 Sessions typically to complete our training program but sessions/ follow up are unlimited for life
  • Once every two weeks we meet for usually 1-2 hours.  Typically at your home and in your neighborhood, where the real world situations are usually arising. We may meet at a park or at an event, if discussed when further into the training. 
  • During these lessons we work on specific techniques that we have chosen that will benefit YOU AND YOUR DOG. We will provide simple tasks and homework, that if practiced and reviewed between lessons will lead you and your dog toward long term success.
  • We always like to tell owners in these lessons, that, we will work with the dog and get them a little bit further.  It is less, us coming to train the dog in an hour and more of…
  • We are here to train THE OWNER to be THEIR DOGS TRAINER.
  • Between lessons there will be assigned Day Training sessions where we will pick up the dog while your busy and proof the work, socialize your dog more with other people and dogs and expose the dog to new environments. During day training we will send home video material to offer further guidance and coaching. 
  • Cost is $1,500 plus tax. This can be divided in three separate payments over a 3 month period which is usually how long the training program takes. 

Customized Homework

Step by Step Homework to make sure the owner and dog  are having a successful experience. 

All Tools Included

All tools are included, making it simple and does not leave you without proper tools to work with your dog. (with the exception of long lines, treats, and bark collars)

Access to our Online Classroom

Access to our online classroom (The Virtual Pack) which will further education and coaching, and is a great way to review.