This Program includes:

  • 4 private lessons
  • 3-6 week bootcamp
  • Access to an online learning community
  • Phone Evaluation prior to booking is required 
  • Owner learning and participation is required 
  • All applicable tools are included in price 
  • A 20 page Training Manual 
  • Total cost is $2,600  
  • $350 non-refundable deposit due at booking 
  • Payment plans are available 

The Lake Erie Dog Pack

Our current program is hybrid of both private lessons and the board and train stay. The entire program from start to finish can range from 3-6 months, this way we can ensure long term results can be reached.


We meet before, during, and after the board and train. We show you how to start implementing training into your daily life prior to your dog coming for a 3-6 week "bootcamp" in our home. During this time we are putting in the repetition thats needed for long term results. Good things take time!! During their stay you meet with us to see your dog learning and get hands on experience. This way when they come home you both have a learning curve while you get the hang of applying the training to your new and improved relationship. We offer unlimited monthly follow up, FOR LIFE once you've completed and implement the training into your daily life. We want you to become your own dogs trainer for any goals you have with your family pet! 


It is important that owners understand that this is just as much of an educational program for them as it is for their dog. Owners need to be open to changing daily life habits for the best results. 


We provide multiple forms of learning, daily updates, and videos so that you are learning right along with your dog! 


We teach off leash and on leash skills ensuring the dog has mastered the understanding of both so that you can take them practically anywhere with ease. 


We believe in nurturing an overall mindset of the dog to be respectful, calm, and courteous. It is in our best interest to do this because it will show in the dogs overall behavior, our clients dogs are our best examples of our work! We want our owners to show off their dogs skills so we work hard and set reasonable, but high, expectations for every dog we work with.  


Social skills are a very important aspect of our process as dog in our programs live with our pack of 3 well balanced dogs! It is an invaluable asset to learn from balanced well socialized dogs. Learning to coexist in a calm neutral manner.


We teach every dog and owner a clear and decisive communication system, a marker system. We make it easy to understand and guarantee it will deepen your relationship with your dog as you are able to communicate in a way that you both comprehend.


We are very proud of the comfortable learning experience we create in our home for the dogs we work with. We are not a typical kennel setup, during the board and train your dog is treated as one of our pack, learning in real world scenarios, daily. Dogs receive lots of one on one attention as we only take 1-3 dogs in for training at any given time. They sleep just a room away in the comfort of our home so you can rest easy knowing your dog is being properly cared for. 


We ensure that every client has a deep understanding of any and all tools used in the training system. Throughout the process we dissect everything from treat training, leash handling, grooming, on/off leash obedience, and much more! 

What does this program look like in its entirety?

  • Training starts the day you sign up by gaining access to our online learning community with over 40 videos to help you get started.
  • We then will schedule a lesson in your home prior to the board and train to meet you and your dog. During our initial lessons we will demonstrate how to start the foundation for our training program.
  • Once your dog has come for their stay you receive 3-4 educational texts/ emails a week to learn right along with your dog and watch them go through the process.
  • We offer a midway lesson half way through the board and train where owners get hands on experience with their dog.
  • At take home, we come to the owners home and help them see how the training can easily be incorporated into daily life.
  • We offer a monthly follow up lesson (for life), which is dependent on owners dedication and application of the training system.
  • We provide unlimited lifetime support via email and phone, lifetime access to our online classroom for any review that is needed! We often have Q&A's, live demonstrations, and new videos added monthly. 

What you and your dog will master : 

  • Marker words, communication system 
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Here
  • Bed
  • Wait
  • Out
  • Walking loose leashed
  • Off leash reliability 
  • Public behavior 
  • Crate Manners
  • Proper Car Behavior
  • Handling and Grooming skills 


Your dog will be welcomed back for life for any of your boarding needs with client only boarding in our home. We LOVE having dogs come back after training, we can fine tune their training, socialize them in new environments, and take them on off leash hikes! We have had our clients say it is a vacation for their dog while they are on vacation. 

We ensure play style and comfortability is matched, this way you can ensure your dog isn't picking up any bad habits and playing with other well balanced dogs. We provide a clean, safe, and professionally supervised environment for your dog while you're away! 


After working with us you are welcomed into The Lake Erie Dog Pack which has many benefits:

  • Client only boarding and daycare in our home
  • Continued grooming and drive way nail trims 
  • Unlimited lifetime support phone, text, or email support
  • Monthly follow up lessons for life
  • Access to our online classroom (The Virtual Pack, a $450 value) which has a growing library of videos, PDF, and live demonstrations/Q&A's. This where we share further education and coaching for our past clients. It is a great way to review after lessons and stay update to date if your dog is in a board and train. We share everything we know about training, nutrition, grooming, and you receive client only benefits like discounts on treats, merchandising, and events!!