"Training is not supposed to be a magic trick to the owner.

I am a dog trainer educating the owner to be the trainer.

Creating a balanced relationship with man's best friend." - Tom Puliafico

Join the Lake Erie Dog Pack!

After working with us you are welcomed into The Lake Erie Dog Pack which has many benefits:

  • Client only boarding and daycare in our home
  • Client only Pack Walks (starting summer 2020!!)
  • Unlimited lifetime support 
  • Follow up lessons, constant phone, text, or email support
  • Access to our Client only Facebook Group (The Lake Erie Dog Pack) which has over 40 videos and where we share further education and coaching. It is a great way to review after lessons and stay update to date if your dog is in a board and train. We share all of our best dog tips about training, nutrition, grooming, and you receive client only benefits like discounts on treats, merchandising, and events!!



With the Board and Train program, your dog will stay with our family and pack for the amount of time that is needed to create the most success with your dog. Your dog will live with us as a family pet, and not be put into a stressful facility with dozens of dogs. All of our training happens either in our home or in real life situations. 


During your dogs stay with us they will be treated as if he or she is one of our own. Your dog will receive several training sessions throughout the day as well as plenty of structured play time with other well balanced and previously trained Lake Erie Dogs. We also take our board and trains into real life situations which include; multiple off-leash hikes, walks, and different environmental exposure trips into public throughout their stay.  


Owners will have training material to review during the process so they know the entire teaching process and what their expectations are when the dog comes home. We send daily updates, photos, and videos because we would miss our dogs too! 


During and after the program, we will then meet with you, the owner, for multiple sessions, to show you how to not only maintain what was learned, but to actually continue the process.  


All of our board and trains (if applicable) are trained to have off leash freedom with the remote collar. This is why we take our time and go the dogs pace with learning. We do not put unnecessary pressure on dogs to meet a deadline nor do we charge more for dogs that may take longer to learn our system. We believe in going the dogs pace and making sure they enjoy the process, which creates the best results in the end! Check out our testimonials to see how owners feel about our results. 


Cost is $2,350 plus tax with payment plans available 

$350 is due at booking 


One-On-One In-Home Training


6-10 Sessions typically to complete our training program but sessions/ follow up are unlimited for life!


Once every two weeks we meet for usually 1-2 hours.  Typically at your home and in your neighborhood, where the real world situations are usually arising. We may meet at a park or at an event, if discussed when further into the training. 


During these lessons we work on specific techniques that we have chosen that will benefit YOU AND YOUR DOG. We will provide simple tasks and homework, that if practiced and reviewed between lessons will lead you and your dog toward long term success!


I always like to tell owners in these lessons, that, we will work with the dog and get them a little bit further.  It is less, me coming to train the dog in an hour and more of…


I am here to train THE OWNER to be THEIR DOGS TRAINER.


Between lessons there will be assigned Day Training sessions where we will pick up the dog while your busy and proof the work, socialize your dog more with other people and dogs and expose the dog to new environments. During day training we will send home video material to offer further guidance and coaching. 


Tools are included. Cost is $1,000 plus tax

Both Packages include:

  • Step by Step Homework to make sure the owner and dog  are having a successful experience 
  • 3 Days of Day Training, so we can proof the training, practice socialization with other dogs, and address those  issues that may be a bit more difficult in the process. 
  • All tools are included, making it simple and does not leave you without proper tools to work with your dog. (with the exception of long lines, treats, and bark collars)
  • Client only boarding and daycare 
  • Unlimited lifetime support 
  • Follow up lessons, constant phone, text, or email support
  • Access to our Client only Facebook Group (The Lake Erie Dog Pack) which will further education and coaching, and is a great way to review. 

Now offering Video Call Sessions!


If you are unable to work with us in person this is the next best thing! We can talk about anything you may be specifically looking for in training or nutrition with your dog like, adopting a rescue dog, preparing to bring a puppy home, crate training, use of tools, relationship building techniques, calorie intake, weight loss, or supplement recommendations. 


We can discuss our techniques to address most situations you may be experiencing with your dog and if further training is needed. 


We are offering this option at the low price of $45 an hour for a short period of time! 


Most video sessions take place on Saturday, there is a short form that needs filled out prior to our session, and thats it! 


Click HERE to be directed to our scheduling page,

where you can pay and schedule a video call today

and we can get to talking about your dog! 



*Nutritional consulting and programs may be added to all training programs at cost.