A lot of dog training companies cannot offer guarantees because they cannot guarantee YOU are going to do the work.


We look at it a bit differently, if you are signing up with us, we assume that everyone is willing and committed to work towards the enrichment of their dogs lives. This is why we offer unlimited support once you sign on with us. After we complete our program we offer unlimited monthly follow up lessons to revisit our training system as needed. 


We offer this comprehensive guarantee that truly stand behind our motto: 



Better Dog. Better Life.

Our approach

We believe in living a balanced life with our canine companions. We believe in training holistically meaning, proper nutrition, training, health, and biological fulfillment all play important roles in our program. It is our goal to educate owners on the animal they share their lives with so that they can enjoy things like, 

  • Hiking off leash with your dog
  • Having a reliable recall - "Here" 
  • Enjoying on leash walks
  • Taking your dog into pet friendly stores
  • Enjoying a restaurant patio with your dog
  • Having your dog respect thresholds
  • Taking your dog to visit with family
  • Having company over stress free 
  • A dog that respects boundaries 
  • Ending unwanted behaviors like chasing, counter surfing, and jumping 
  • Putting relax on command by utilizing a bed or place command
  • Utilizing Down-stays in day to day life 
  • Living in harmony with everyone in the home
  • Playing biologically fulfilling games with your dog that you both enjoy.

We utilize a training method of clear instructions with rules and guidelines, so that there is no confusion. This unmistakable approach to training has yielded the greatest results for our clients, and the dog really appreciates knowing exactly what is expected of them, creating a Better Dog, Better Life for you both! 


Our Training Program

Our Board and Train Hybrid program offers private one on one lesson, prior, during, and after the board and train camp. This way we can address behaviors, get owners hands on experience with the training system, and put in the repetition that is needed for long term results! 


After years of offer two separate programs; one on one training and the board and train, we have found that we want to focus our attention on offering a single program that is a combination on the two. 


By doing this we guarantee you will learn something that will change your relationship with your dog for life! 


If you'd like to read more about our current program please follow the link below.