Balanced diet. Balanced life.

4 week course continued

Ever thought about wanting to feed your dog a homemade species appropriate diet? Feeling overwhelmed with all the info online. Let us make it simpler and give you all the tricks and tips we've learned over the years!


This is a 4 week process, with weekly meetings and unlimited support. If you’ve been interested in transitioning your dog to raw or adding raw to their diet, we’ll teach you everything there is to know. For four weeks we will work through our course and transition guide to get you to where you want to be, feeding raw. The benefits of raw are endless, adding years to your dogs life, through our consulting it is possible for the average dog owner. We make the transition easy and make sure you understand how to continue. Giving you all of our avenues we have learned feeding our three dogs a homemade diet, affordable and doable. We LOVE working with local clients (Sandusky-Cleveland, OH), but can help anyone figure out how to feed raw in their location via Skype or FaceTime.

We will meet weekly for 4 weeks, during the transition and once after transitioned.


The course includes the following and much more!

1. Transition guide.
2. Unlimited phone or email support
3. 4 week lesson plan with weekly “homework”, we teach you the ins and outs of raw feeding, breaking down the nutrients, how they interact, and what your dog needs.
4. One individualized recipe, complete and balanced, with feeding directions and sourcing included.
5. We will do 1 prep together. Everything from sourcing to prepping.

6. Supplies sheet
7. Complete breakdown on nutritional data.
8. Natural 
flea and tick preventative recipes.





The information provided by Lake Erie Dogs is not meant to replace or prolong seeking veterinarians medical advice.