Is that same nasty hotspot showing up again?

Maybe a change in diet is the answer.

We believe that food is medicine. By changing the diet you can aid in and heal these reoccurring issues, 


Itchy Irritated Skin

Chewing Paws

Licking Areas of the Skin

Weight Gain/Loss 

Excessive Shedding


Dog Mom Guilt is REAL. I've experienced it.

This was Sasja, my beloved soul-dog. Ever since I brought her home at 9 weeks she was constantly itchy. By the time she was two we had visited the vet over 13 times for her skin issues. No kibble would make a difference, no medication really solved the problem and I knew it was just a bandaid for the real underlaying issue. She was constantly itching, I could spend hours staring at her, with tears in my eyes, watching her itch, pant, then itch again, so uncomfortable.


Then this nasty, oozing, goopy hotspot showed up, in the matter of days, she had chewed a literal hole in her back, under my watch. I was beside myself. How could I let this happen? I thought it was my fault; I was convinced it was her food and I was making the choice, to continue to feed her this food that is causing her so much discomfort.  Dog. Mom. Guilt. She wasn't the dog I knew she could be! It was my responsibility to make a change. 


This started me down a road that led me here today. I did MAJOR research, I took multiple courses, read old and new books, absorbed everything I could about the concept of feeding a biologically appropriate diet to dogs. Considered every opinion and started to create my own. I've invested my time, energy, and money into softwares and spreadsheets to I know, down to the micronutrients, what I am feeding.  I want to know (because I am never done learning) everything, to ensure if I was going to take on the responsibility of feeding this creature I was doing it right and not causing more harm than good.  During this process I also learned the sad truth about the pet food industry and how damaging these processed foods can be. 


When I started feeding Sasja a raw, balanced, home prepared diet, within days of being fully transitioned I saw my dog blossom into the derpy, happy, and most importantly, comfortable girl she is today.  


My goal is to share my knowledge and this relief with all dog owners. I want to educate owners to take their dogs health into their own hands. Please see the programs page on how I can teach you to do this too!

"Kay was very attentive and wonderful with developing nutritional guidelines and finding the best food for Murphy's needs. I have a carrier in the medical field and I really liked how Kay incorporated evidence-based researched materials as she helped figure out the best diet for Murphy to grow up healthy and happy. Kay has also been wonderful with other concerns such as paw care, ear cleaning, skin, and fur care".

Rosie is a 10 year old German Shepherd mix, she suffered from very itchy skin, reactions to flea medications, and loss of fur in different areas of her body. Her owners felt defeated and overwhelmingly bad for Rosie. They tried everything and spent a ridiculous amount throughout Rosie's life in vet visits and different medications, with no true relief.


Skin disorders are among the most common health problems in dogs. The condition of a dog's skin and coat are a huge indicator of its general health, as the skin is the largest organ.


We worked with Rosie's parents over an extended amount of time to achieve these amazing results. By switching Rosie's kibble, adding supplements and fresh food to her daily diet, and bathing her with antibacterial and antimicrobial substances, we were able to reverse years of hair loss and get her feeling much more comfortable.