A Better Dog, Better Life, Guarantee

A lot of dog training companies cannot offer guarantees because they cannot guarantee YOU are going to do the work.


We look at it a bit differently, if you are signing up with us, we assume that everyone is willing and ready to work towards the enrichment of their dogs lives.


As such, we offer  comprehensive guarantees that truly stand behind our motto: 



Better Dog. Better Life.

Off Leash Unlimited

We offer our off-leash unlimited program with a 100% refund within 7 days after your first session with us.  If you don’t like your training then we’ll refund your entire investment.

Board and Train

Our board and train clients get the all results and we do all the work and we are confident you’ll love the results. If your dog goes through camp and the results aren’t what you wanted we will work more with you and your dog at no additional costs.